Doramus' West Highland Terriers

Contact info:  Pam @ (208) 697-7652 or Jim @ (208) 697-3259 or Email

Return Policy

As owners we wish to ensure quality homes for our puppies where they will be loved, trained, and cared for.  Once the buyer has purchased a puppy, paid the purchase price, and taken possession; the puppy ownership is transferred to the buyer.  Should unforeseen circumstances cause the buyer to no longer be able to care for the puppy, we will take the puppy back to ensure that it is placed in another good home.  We do not want the puppies taken to the pound or given away.  The buyer can contact us, as the breeder, and we will make every effort to resell the puppy.  The purchase price will be reimbursed to the original buyer at 50% of the original purchase price when the puppy is resold and the money received.  However, the puppy must be returned to us in good health and mental condition. If the puppy shows signs of being
mistreated or injured in any way, the complete purchase price is forfeited. THE BUYER IS RESPONSIBLE FOR ALL SHIPPING/DELIVERY and veterinarian CHARGES.
Sincerely,    Pam & Jim Doramus -- Breeder/Owners